Manufacturing - principle - design: These trees are cut directly from VALCHROMAT (panels tinted in the mass) or Medium (MDF) by CNC machines whose electricity is supplied by photovoltaic panels. These products are inspired by a hardwood (apple tree) and a conifer (spruce). The sustainable and eco-responsible use of these products is both decorative and functional. Indeed the tree and the fir are intended for domestic use, commercial use (to decorate windows and distribution), cultural use since they will be used within the framework of didactic exhibitions and finally to the event use for workplaces or educational institutions. An example: The tree is used in a Namur school to communicate to teachers and students a multitude of information related to various cultural events in Belgium and elsewhere. Those concerned can just "pick up" this information (invitations, exhibitions, documentation, etc.) as if we were picking an apple from this apple tree, symbol of the tree of knowledge. Assembly: The assembly is done easily because it is an interlocking system requiring no tools or unnecessary hardware. In 10 minutes, the tree and the fir are up ... Dimensions: (Height and Depth) H: 50cm in 8mm thickness: 42,50, - € incl. H: 1M in 8mm thickness: 89, - € incl. H: 1.7M in 8mm thickness: 249, - € incl. H: 2M in 8mm thickness: 349, - € incl.

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