This chandelier is an exact replica of the one painted around 1434 by the "primitive flamingo" painter; Jan Van Eyck. They are the "Arnolfini Spouses". This painting is known worldwide and is one of the essential masterpieces of 15th century Flemish painting.

I must admit that making a light straight out of a masterpiece linked to our history and reinterpreting it in my own way with modern technologies gives me a feeling of unity with Belgium and thus allows me to highlight my passion for art history and product design.

This chandelier is the association of the world of design with the world of painting. It is a decorative anachronism with the function of illuminating literally and figuratively! I wanted to establish a coherent link between two totally different eras.


This 85 cm diameter luminaire is CNC cut in Valchromat (ecological panels in mass-dyed wood fiber). The lighting is connected Led. You can therefore adjust the light intensity via an application and connect it to Google home or Alexa.

Available in the 10 colors of the Valchromat range. (Yellow, orange, red, blue, khaki, green, brown, white gray, light gray, gray, black)

Price 70cm diameter: 299,-€

Price 85cm diameter: 349,-€